Your logo is just a tip of the iceberg of what helps make your brand + business successful. There are so many other key elements that play a factor in the overall success of your brand, and

you need to know how to execute all of those pieces.
A cohesive, well-designed brand can
  •  differentiate your business from competitors,
  •  build trust with your audience,
  •  and give them the right first impression.
  •  It can lead to more sales and recognition, engagement.


For example: If you have a logo, but are using different colour schemes, photos, tones of voice, and ideas across your social media, website, and email… your followers will never know who they’re really following or what you’re trying to help them with. It’s hard to establish trust with someone when you can’t even figure out who they are or what they do. Here I wanted to talk about 6 reasons why you need a cohesive brand.

1. Professionalism

Even (and especially) if you’re just starting out, a well-designed brand can make it appear as though you’ve been in business for years. A cohesive brand can help you appear to be more professional, more legit resulting in an audience that respects you and takes you seriously, pay you high dollars. It also shows that you pay attention to detail and take your own business seriously.

2. Trust

This just might be the most important item on this list. Trust is crucial to making sales, booking clients, and growing a loyal, engaged audience. And while there are many ways to build trust among first-time website visitors and potential clients and customers, branding is one of the most effective. People recognise when a business has put thought and intention into every facet of their business.

3. Recognizability

Well-designed brand gives your audience a mental picture of your business and helps them remember it. A well-designed brand identity system is recognisable even when the logo isn’t present. It’s identifiable by its visual elements (logo, colours, typography, image, pattern ) and its intangible, non-visual elements (voice, tone).

4. Differentiation

Today marketplace is overly saturated whatever you doing chances are that there are many other people doing an exactly same thing in your industry, too. A strong brand has the ability to set your business apart and differentiate it from everything else that’s already out there. Branding ads value, your vision, spirits, that can move people, connect with people deeper level, growing your business with raving fans loyal customers.


“When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.” Dan Schawbel


5. Efficiency

When you have a set brand identity system and you’ve thoughtfully considered every element of it, it results in efficiency with your time and your resources. A streamlined, cohesive brand saves you time, gives you clear direction, in the long run, and gets all the hard work out of the way so that you can be more efficient with your time and resources.

6. First impressions

Branding is the art and science of portraying the right message to a business’s potential clients and customers and making a lasting, positive first impression. The first impression is everything in our digital age, your customer’s visitors give you about 4 seconds to decide whether they want to carry on your website or move on to next… so that’s why branding your business even more important in the digital age. Your business already has a brand, and it’s constantly sending a message to your audience and giving off some sort of impression. But is that an accurate reflection of who you are or who you wanna be?


Do you have a cohesive, well-designed brand for your business? If so, what are some of the benefits you’ve seen from it?

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