Once defined your brand vision  and brand mission the next step would be translate write out your values

How to Define Your Core Brand Values

When you crafting your brand, you must understand your core values because they are the heart of who you are and acts as a compass for your brand decisions.

Many small business owners skip this important step of discovering their brand values… but values are already driving your decisions, you probably just have not articulated them yet.

Without core values, a business lacks direction and will grow losing its identity.

They are the core principles that give meaning to what you do and are defined as your standards, integrity that determine your attitudes, choices, and actions.

Values change as you change; they reflect what’s important to you at any given moment.

Take the following brands as an example:


Nike.  We all know the brand. But do you know what the word means? It means “Victory.” Nike was the name of the Ancient Greek goddess of victory. She was the goddess of athletes and winners. And the swoosh logo that represents the brand? Not just a fancy design. It’s a simplification of one of the wings on which Nike flew down to earth from Mount Olympus to crown the winners. The values of “victory” and of “winning” have helped take Nike from a small athletic shoe company to an entire sports empire that still champions those same values.

So before you even think about what design you’d like as your brand logo, or how you’d like your brand to look, you need to determine what your brand should feel like. What values will it represent in the world?

  • Nike feels like a victory, like determination, like giving your best.
  • Apple feels like innovation, like creativity, and like making progress.
  • Gucci feels like money, like elegance, and like fashion.


Write down the emotions and ideas you’d like your brand to communication and the values you’d like to operate on. How do you want the customers of your brand, to feel when buying your products or services? Or, in other words, what’s important about the way you want to be doing business?

Tradition, innovation, creativity, colour, subversiveness, energy, stability, trust, risk-taking, artistic expression, reliable methods, timeliness, winning, improvement, speed, steadiness, something else?Start by writing as many of these as you can come up with and then work through them by elimination to find your 3-5 core values.

make that 3-5 core value into a practical value proposition that your customer can relate to.

We small studio that delivers personized attention care to your client.

  • We will never sacrifice quality over quantity because we believe in our customers deserve the best.
  • Our brand will always be transparent in supportive toward our client 
  • I believe in living an extraordinary life. I believe in taking action on your dreams.


After all Bringing value and personality into your brand are what’s going to keep people coming back.


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