Do you struggle to find your ideal clients and grow your business? How about defining what makes you different from everyone else within your niche? Or maybe you struggle on deciding what you should be spending time on within your business?

This is why defining and owning your brand vision can be extremely impactful

Just some quick background information about me, I help creative business owners and bloggers build, meaningful brand.


Vision is building blocks that lay out the rest of your brand. It’s the bottom of your pyramid. Without that foundational layer, all of the other pieces would simply fall apart.

  • Without a clear brand vision, you can’t truly define yourself and confuse your customers.
  • Without a clear vision and purpose, you’re bound to get overwhelmed, lost along the way when the thing gets hard.
  • When you know your core vision, and mission, you will be excited to keep pushing forward and living out your purpose. When you see end goal, all of those tough business decisions are going to get a lot easier to make.
  • It makes easy to tell someone why they should work with you.
  • Having a clear sense of direction can help you manage your time you can better prioritise everything you need to get done.
  • Vision is like a  map.

In order to make a big impact on your business, you need to define your brand vision first.

Having a solid brand vision comes down:
  • By taking a view and having a more thoughtful opinion on the future in your niche
  •  Vision is your point of view, perspective, you need to take an opinion and take a stand for it.
  • Having purpose, value, direction

Take out your notepad and answer some questions below my friend.

  • Where do you think the world is going?
  • Where is the industry or  niche that you operating going  
  • What are other are important trend and culture technology could influence where you go?
  • Where you see a gap that you want to improve?
  • Where do you want to go?

(Tips: don’t think too far ahead that it’s fiction and don’t think too short term that will allow you to have thoughtful view on future. For small business it’s best to think 2 – 3 years ) Once you have done with question make it to a narrative that you can tell or  you can build about what the future might look like. Where can you put yourself on the map? But remember “Vision” evolve as you grow as you develop, vision can change as a new trend emerges in your industry,  vision can when you change your opinion.   Don’t stress out  You shouldn’t try to make it too complex You cannot determine your brand vision overnight. Some examples of compelling brand vision inspiration.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 13.27.21



Save the Children: Our vision is the world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development, and participation.     There are so many other key elements that play a factor in the overall success of your brand, and

you need to know how to execute all of those pieces. Have fun writing your vision,

  stay tuned next chapter “ mission”.

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