Today we are going to talk about storytelling for your Brand.

Storytelling is a powerful technique for building relationships with customers.It’s an age-old concept that brings people together and keeps them engaged. It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re based or people engage with a story.  

“Good stories gives bold  voice to small brand” So what is storytelling, and  it’s:

  • The reason why your company came to be
  • Your Big why
  • What motivates you to wake up and work everyday
  • Your vision
  • A relationship-building tool
  • Brand storytelling is not always  your company
  • It’s about your customers and the value that they get when engaging with your product or service.  The most powerful brand stories are the ones that prioritise customers as the stars. Think of your company as a supporting character.

Brand storytelling is NOT:
  • 5-paragraph essay about your company
  • A tool to manipulate customers and prospects


  A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.”- Scott Bedbury   “Make your story bigger and bigger until it’s important enough to believe.”- Seth Godin


I recently red brilliant book by Seth Godin  “ All Marketers Are Liars ” He explains that all marketers are not, in fact, liars: They are merely storytellers. The liars, he writes, are the consumers who lie to themselves every day about what they wear, where they live, how they vote and what they do to work. Godin explains that successful marketers are just the providers of the stories that consumers choose to believe. A good story that satisfies customers is the source of a company’s growth and profit. Godin writes, and truly great stories “succeed because they are able to capture the imagination of large or important audiences.” A great story, is true, makes a promise, is trusted, is subtle, happens fast, and often appeals to our senses. Great stories don’t contradict themselves, and they match our worldview by agreeing with what we already believe.

Successful Marketing

All Marketers Are Liars is organised around a five-step process that people go through when they encounter successful marketing.

These steps are:

1: Their worldview and frames got there before you did.

A consumer’s worldview (the combination of his or her current rules, beliefs and biases) affects the way he or she notices things and understands them. If a story is framed in terms of that worldview, the consumer is more likely to believe it. Smart marketers, Godin explains, don’t try to change someone’s worldview. Instead, they identify a group of people with a certain worldview and frame their story in terms of that worldview.

2: People only notice the new and then make a guess.

Consumers notice things when they change. As soon as they notice something new, they start making guesses about what to expect next.

3: First impressions start the story.

A first impression causes the consumer to make a fast, permanent judgment about what he or she was just exposed to. Godin explains that “almost every important buying decision is made instantaneously.

4: Great marketers tell stories we believe.

A story changes the way the consumer experiences a product or service. Consumers make a prediction about what will happen next and rationalise anything that does not match the prediction.

5: Marketers with authenticity thrive.

The authenticity of the story determines whether it will survive scrutiny long enough for the consumer to tell the story to other people.”

So go on start your story… be BOLD, be Ambitious, good luck…

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