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Uild Design is Design studio that specialises on Branding  & Website Design &  it also aims to educate and inspire new and experienced entrepreneur through a collective of posts on branding their business. Helps to take the next step in turning their passions into an authentic, lucrative business.

The Solution

Uild Design branding is bold & fun, yet still feel sophisticated enough for young professionals and small business owners. The bright palette lends itself to a very fun and educational setting with tones that allow for easy background colours to stand out.

Primary Logo + Secondary Logo

“Uild” means “do it & create it” in my native language, its spirit of the Uild Design, Creating, Doing, Making things happen. It’s bold, yet simple and elegant.

The letter I resemble pencil which means every creation start with simple pencil, there is power to simple pencil.

It’s bold, yet simple and elegant. Uild Design is a place where people can come & great design service collect information and value.



When it came to colour, we chose a palette of bright hues to play up that fun playful edgy tone even more. The colour palette is feminine and fun without being overly girly its gender-neutral appeal. The primary baby pink with deep green gives great contrast modernity. Overall, the palette bold, as the edgy quirky aesthetic of Uild Design studio.

untitled-1Typography we chose ultra modern FUTURA combined with vintage classic Adobe Caslon to give bit of charm.  Fabulous bold “Frieght” is used as main Header.

We equipped Uild Design with a series of icons to use throughout on branded materials. Whether it is on web, workbook covers or blog post graphics, these icons allow flexibility within the brand, and round out the brand identity. The playful mix of colors add a friendly face to informational icons.



Carefully planned UX experience and fun UI element we created the a website on Word Press fully custom website.


After we wrapped up the brand identity, we transitioned the fresh design to a custom workbook,  blog post templates and icons. Each of these elements is completely customizable, depending on content needs.



Brand identity,
InDesign workbook template,
Custom icons, Website design

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